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Notorious thief in Gyrmouth! Jenks the Toad! he laughed. Do you know this man? asked Timothy. We have n otmet, chuckled the wizard, but everyone in the taverns talks about his exploits. They say he can steal your purse while your hand is still in it, and none the wiser. We need to find him. He is the witness we can take to the king. Without him, we will never imobiliare get a hearing. It would be our word against Sir Geoffrey's. That's all very fine, papa, interrupted Mattie, but we need a destination for these people. I have cargo that won't wait. We have to make the Willow Gate by noon or things are going to spoil. Well, I think we have to take them with us back to the Myre. It's the only place they http://dogtalkmusic.com/ will be safe while we find a way to approach the king. The Myre? The effect on the crew was immediate. All eyes turned toward Mizar. Mattie stared at him as if he had suddenly turned green. Take them to the Myre? Youcan't just take them... well, you know. The Guild would be very angry, papa. Mizar nodded, imobiliare bucuresti I know, but I see no other path. We can't just row them across the river and abandon them. The stakes are very high here. He pointed at the vellum. Write it down, Mattie. The woman shook her head, dipped the pen in the ink bottle, and neatly wrote Ye Myre as the destination. Now everyone has to put their sign on the contract, instructed Mattie. Papa imobiliare bucuresti and I sign as captain and cargo master. You three sign as passengers. Tom and Marcus can sign as witnesses. Don't write your name, though, cautioned Mizar. Use your sign, like this. He took the pen in hand imobiliare bucuresti and deftly drew a fivepointed star at the bottom of the page. That's my sign. He passed the contract clockwise around the imobiliare bucuresti table. Tom took the pen and added an arrow. Torch was temporarily stumped for a pictograph, having only barely managed to learn to write his name at all. After a moment he drew a stick surmounted by a flame. A torch. Or maybe it looked more like an upside-down mop. He passed the document to his right. Timothy smiled a secret smile when it was his turn. He drew a fish, simple and clean. Rosemary had no hesitation. A young lady's training in needlepoint and fine crafts sometimes comes in handy. She quickly sketched a small, symmetrical rose. Mizar smiled. Marcus leaned over the table and added his mark. It took Torch a moment to realize that it was an anchor, the ancient symbol of the sailor. The vellum returned to Mattie at last. She dipped the pen and worked intently for a minute, head down over the sheet. She put the pen down, dusted sand from a shaker across the vellum to absorb any excess ink, and buried the contract in her case. Torch had just a glimpse of Mattie's sign as she put the document away. It looked like a thundercloud with a lightning bolt. He struggled not to laugh. Across the table, Mizar smiled knowingly, and Mattie looked suspiciously from man to man. With the contract properly sealed, the meeting broke up and sleeping arrangements were made. If you don't mind the mosquitoes too much, you'll be more comfortable sleepin' on deck, imobiliare suggested Marcus, handing Torch and Timothy their blankets. Torch took the blanket and scooped up his chainmail byrnie as he left the cabin. On deck, Torch paused for a moment to slip it back